Application Procedures

Kainan University’s Foreign Students Admission

According to Kainan University, the student must not be an overseas Chinese student. The applicant must not have been previously expelled by any other university or college. Also the student must not be a resident or citizen of Hong Kong, Macau or the Peoples’ Republic of China.

2.Enrollment:60 students。

3.Admission Timetable:
Admission is divided into two semesters. Spring and Fall semesters.Spring Semester: Begins October 1 each year until November 30.
Fall Semester: Begins FEB 1 each year until JUN 25.

4.Application Procedures:
The department processes the applications of all prospective students and reviews all applications. Successful applicants will then be notified by the university.

Review of Project:

1. Two Copies of application form.

2. A photocopy of the applicant’s highest education diploma and transcript authenticated by Taiwan’s overseas representative office. (Please attach its Chinese or English version certified by the Taiwan’s overseas representative if the original diploma and transcript are not in English or Chinese)( Admitted students are required at the time of registering at KNU to submit the original diploma of his/her highest degree and an official transcript, verified by R.O.C. embassies, consulates, or missions abroad or other notary institutes authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C., in the country where the documents were originally issued. Should there be no overseas office of R.O.C. in the country where the documents were originally issued, the admitted student may contact an overseas R.O.C. office nearest to the country or contact the Ministry of Education for document verification.)

3.Financial statement certified by Taiwan’s overseas representative office (showing sufficient financial support for the applicant’s entire stay of study)
(It should be verified by the Taiwan Overseas Missions abroad if the financial support documents are not provided from organizations or banks in Taiwan.)

4.A photocopy of your passport (the applicant does not need to submit this if there's no passport currently in his or her possession).

5.Two letters of recommendtion

6.Health Certificate

7.A study plan in either English or Chinese. ( The study plan should include the individual’s’ education background, research interests, future goals and method or ways in achieving these goals)8.Application fee receipt